Concerts and Performances

at Third Life Studio











Since 2004, Third Life Studio has been building its reputation as a destination to experience live music and dance in the Boston area. It is an intimate space with beautiful, clear acoustics and a warm, inviting ambiance--or as one audience member recently said, "This space has a GREAT vibe!" The Studio has a commitment to presenting quality, multi-genre music and dance performance: from jazz to world music, from modern dance to cabaret, and from classical chamber music to the experimental realms of electronic sonic space. Third Life Studio has a particular interest in promoting the arts of all cultures, as well as performances and events that foster cross-cultural understanding and promote peace-building in oursleves, our communities and around the world.


 Performers and audience alike enjoy this listening room atmosphere. Please contact us to plan a date for your performance at Third Life Studio! / (617) 628-0916


“Thanks for keeping so much great work alive with your Studio. It takes true believers, and often times the artists are the ones who truly believe!”

                                                                           —Diane Edgecomb, Storyteller

"Third Life Studio is an amazing, welcoming space with a beautiful Steinway. What more could I ask for? While on my recent Northeast tour, I performed here and loved the intimacy and acoustics of this space. And to find such a wonderful piano makes it perfect. I am already booked here in the Fall and look forward to many future performances here. :) "

              --Doug Hammer, pianist

"This Somerville venue presents the profoundly finest and most eclectic music, dance, storytelling and art planetary fare in town."

--Dean Stevens, singer-songwriter and concert producer




Policies and Details:

1) As of August 1, 2018, the rental fee for performances is $45 per hour for the first 4 hours, plus $27.50 per hour for each additional hour (prorated to the quarter hour) from arrival to departure.


2) A non-refundable deposit of $45 is required at the time of rental to confirm and hold the rented time. After reserving a date, please send a check, made payable to Susan Robbins, to: Susan Robbins, Third Life Studio, 33 Union Square, Somerville, MA 02143


3) Promotion of the event is shared, with the primary responsibility of pulling in an audience resting with the artists. Third LIfe Studio will post events on this website, send promotional emailings to the extensive Studio email list, post events on the wide-reaching Somerville Arts Council Listserve, and post on the Studio's facebook page. If provided, a poster will be hung on the streetside bulletin board. Artists are encouraged to promote to their own audience base, poster, as well to send press releases to local press and online sites.


It is the artists' responsibility to provide Third Life Studio with:

   a) promotional flyer for posting on the Studio streetside bulletin board.

   b) other promotional information: concert details (time, admission price),

       names of performers, a descriptive paragraph of their music and a website

       link if it exists.


4) The legal capacity of the room is 49 (combined artists & audience). The artists determine their own admission price; beyond the agreed upon rental fee, the proceeds from the door go directly to the artists. All money from CD or product sales goes directly to the artist.


5) The Studio has a beautiful Steinway baby grand. If it is needed for performance, the cost for a tuning with the Studio's tuner ($140) is the artist's responsibility.


6) Currently, the Studio does not have its own PA system. Much music happens acoustically in this space. However, if a PA is required, the artist is welcome to bring their own, set it up and provide someone to run the board.





   Mandorla Music Series

   Opensound Series

   Third Life Choreographers Series

   Creative Music Series

   Dinosaur Annex

   Equilibrium Music Series

   Calamity Series: Modern and Pop Art Variety Shows

   Boston Butoh Dance Performance Series

   Boston Classical Guitar Series

   Boston Guitar Project





   Stan Strickland & Josh Rosen

   Kevin Harris and Steve Langone

   Gabriela Martina

   Jason Davis and EarthSound

   Taki Masuko

   Melissa Kassel/Tom Zicarelli Group

   Dave Burrell/ Garrison Fewell

   Joel Springer & Macuco Quintet

   Leap of Faith Orchestra


   David Thorne Scott and Marc Shilansky

   Steve Thomas & the Co-Conspirators



   Rene Pfister

   Shepley Metcalf and Ron Roy

   Will McMillan

   Doug Hammer & Michele MacLaughlin




   Tunde Jegede, kora and cello

   Adilei (Republic of Georgia)

   Vinayak Sharma

   Penpa Tsering

   Flora Noel

   Alisa Apreleva 

   Phil Nyokai James & The World Flute Trio


   Julie Vallimont

   Melinda Fields

   Soma Sarkar with Amol Khanapurkar

   Choro Democratico

   Starry Mountain Singers

   Moira Smiley and Voco



   Dean Stevens and Oen Kennedy

   Kallet, Epstein & Cicone

   Gail Martin

   Mark Paffrath

   Deborah Langstaff and Friends

   Kelli Eagan

   Alisa Amador



   Sonic Liberation Players


   Craft Ensemble

   Zograf String Quartet

   Willow Flute Ensemble

   Takatsugu Hagiwara, tuba
   Mana Washio, flute
   Noriko Yasuda, piano

   William Silvio, saxophone

   Shizuyo Le Nestour, piano

   Aaron Larget-Caplan, guitar



   Ian Ethan Case and Matthew Shoening

   Tom Griesgraber

   Metal and Glass Ensemble

   Ginger Ibex

   Rose Cabal

   Diane Edgecomb 


   Quilisma Consort

   Duo Live Oak   


   Stormin’ Norman and Suzy

   Doug Hammer and Amethyste