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As the Director of Union Square’s Third Life Studio, it has indeed been my honor and pleasure to host incredible creative artistry in performance, workshop, class, and rehearsal since 2003. I have been very moved by the outpouring of gratitude and appreciation from so many of you. One of the many many "Friends of Third Life Studio" has initiated a fundraising effort to help defray the expenses of closing and looking for a new space. If you feel inclined to help, here is what she wrote:


Dear Friends,

As many of you know, on July 31st, Third Life Studio, a performing and healing arts studio in Union Square, Somerville, will be closing its doors. This beloved home for musicians, dancers, actors, healers, students, and audience members has blessed the arts community of Greater Boston and New England since 2003. Performers and artists of many genres, both local and from around the world, have been drawn by its beautiful acoustic and healing atmosphere. 


I feel deep gratitude for what Third Life Studio has meant to me, to our community, and for what its founder and director, Susan Robbins, has created there. If you feel, as I do, that you would like to give back something to honor what these years of creativity and positivity have given to our world, I invite you to click on the above donation button. Donations will help defray the cost of closing Third Life’s doors and will provide resources for the search for a new space for the future.


May I also invite you to share this effort with others or on your Facebook page with a personal message added if you feel so inspired.


Margot Chamberlain


Thank you so much for your support and gratitude in all the ways it has been expressed. It has meant a great deal to me!

--- Susan Robbins


To make a donation (not tax-deductible),

click on the above donation button

or mail a check, made payable to Third Life Studio, to:


Susan Robbins/Third Life Studio

c/o Libana, Inc.

PO Box 400530

Cambridge, MA 02140





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