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at Third Life Studio




Those who teach at Third Life Studio are part of a community of creative, passionate, dedicated,

experienced artists and practitioners who are committed to guiding their students’ growth

in a positive, focused and enjoyable way. 


If you have a class or workshop you would like to offer in the performing or healing arts, please be in touch!

Third Life Studio has a particular interest in promoting the arts of all cultures, as well as events

that foster cross-cultural understanding and promote peace-building

in ourselves, in our communities and around the world.

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   The Studio's current weekly class offerings are:


   Belly Dance with Nadira Jamal (Levels 1, 2, and 3)

   The Art of Group Singing for Women with Susan Robbins

   Roots and Rhythm ~ African Drumming for Women with Marytha Paffrath

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   Many special workshops have also been offered at the Studio over the last decade

   in a wide variety of subjects from traditional Algerian Berber dance to Argentine

   Tango and from Taketina to Non-Violent Communication.

   See the partial archival list below!   Click here for upcoming workshops!




Experienced voice teacher Susan Robbins offers weekly, biweekly or occasional lessons

at Third Life Studio. Originally classically trained, her musical path led her into early

music followed by years of exploration of world music styles. Her eclectic musical

career has provided her with a firm understanding of a wide range of vocal styles and

their techniques. 


Exploring your voice is a deeply personal, transformative and joyous journey. Over the

35 years that she has been working with hundreds of singers across the full expanse of

musical genre and experience level, she has developed a varied, eclectic approach to

helping those who love to sing experience their fully empowered expressive self

through a relaxed and open instrument. Together with each student, she creates an

individualized process that integrates mindful kinesthetic and breath awareness, technical understanding, exploring the spectrum of vocal colors, active listening, emotional and presence, and the release of blocks or fears that are restricting a free, heart-motivated expression of your full self through an open channel.  






   Still Mountain Tai Chi Center with Bede Bidlack

   Jazz Dance Brunch with Jennifer Farrell

   Beginning Hawaiian Hula with Marta Moussa

   Creative Modern Dance Technique and Improvisation with Kelley Donovan

   Finding Your Creative Process with Karin Webb

   Butoh and Shintaido with Jennifer Hicks

   Afro-Brazilian Percussion with Deraldo Ferreira

   Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction with Sunada Takagi

   Tibetan Buddhist Classes and Meditations with Lama Konchok Sonam

   Yoga with Natalie Brooks, Lori Green, Barbara Lyon



   Annual Boston Tango Festival

   Vocal Workshops with Rhiannon, Philip Hamilton, Elise Witt, Rebecca Goldsmith

   Voice Movement Therapy with Christine Isherwood, Mali Sastri & Anne Brownell

   Body Percussion with Raul Cabrera

   Percussive Dance Workshop with Sandy Silva

   Nia and African Dance with Alice Heller

   Taketina and Japanese Taiko Drumming with Elaine Fong

   Algerian Berber Dance with Amel Tafsout

   Restortive Sound Bath with Katie Down

   Awakening the Light Body with Sylvia Brailler

   Yodelling with Anja Kollmuss

   Yoga with Maria Taesil, Kira Pullig, and Kris Quinones       

   Music for Healing and Ttansition Program with Susan Robbins & Marytha Paffrath

   Cultivation of Metta-Bhavana with Kim Sim




Partial Archival List of Past Classes and Workshops

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