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            Room Information

Third Life Studio is a beautiful, spacious 900 square foot Studio space available for rent

in the heart of Somerville's culturally dynamic Union Square.  In addition to hosting concerts and performances across many genres, the Studio is currently used for music (classes, workshops, rehearsals, and lessons),

dance (classes, workshops, and rehearsals), theater (rehearsals), 

as well as occasional yoga and meditation classes/workshops.

Third Life Studio has a particular interest in promoting the arts of all cultures, as well as events that foster

cross-cultural understanding and promote peace-building in ourselves, in our communities and around the world.





* music and dance performances

* poetry readings and storytelling performances

* informal theater performances
* music classes/ workshops/ rehearsals/ coachings/ lessons

* dance classes/ workshops/ rehearsals/ coachings/ lessons

* theater classes/ workshops/ rehearsals/ coachings 

* parent/ children music or movement groups
* creativity workshops
* yoga, t’ai chi, or meditation classes/ workshops 
* workshops in other healing and psychospiritual modalities

* group or individual work in expressive therapy or body-oriented psychotherapy modalities
* massage/ bodywork training and workshops 

* fundraising events

* private events


* The main space is approximately 900 square feet, and is completely open. 
* It has beautiful acoustics, with 13 ft. high ceilings.

* The Studio has a beautiful Steinway baby grand piano
* The floor has a wooden subfloor, making it better for dancing.
* There are some mirrors (all walls are not mirrored)
* The main room is not visible from the street, creating privacy. 
* There are no private residences sharing wall space. 
* Air-conditioned for summer use and a good heating system for winter. 
* There are area carpets which can be used, or rolled up and not used. 
* There are plenty of folding chairs, floor cushions and backjack chairs. 
* All lighting is on dimmer switches, allowing for different lighting moods. 
* There is a comfortable back room and sitting area for meeting & talking. 
* There is a 34 inch monitor and VCR unit available 


For More Information, contact: Susan Robbins     617-628-0916

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